We are FCx

When I met my now husband on the beaches of the Whitsundays, I was free, full of love, spirited and completely lost. Yep! I was one of those 20 something-year-olds who had lived for five years out of a backpack and from one day to the next wasn’t quite sure which country I was going to end up in next. Returning to Australia when I was 24, I was without a career, had no formal qualifications, was calling mum and dad’s house home and was living pay to pay, be it, with an irreplaceable group of friends (thanks guys for keeping things interesting.) Hello lifecycle challenge number one.

Fast-forward seven years, a ‘love fest’ wedding, a travelling honeymoon, a commerce degree and a baby flower child due in late July 2015, I met lifecycle challenge number two, how do I do ‘working Mum’?

Flower Child was born as family budgets, talented friends & a supportive community collided. It was my choice to be a stay at home Mum, but being from the generation that wants everything now! I still wanted to enjoy a little financial freedom. My best friend owned a funky little florist in Adelaide and I loved what she had created from nothing. She’s my go-to on all things flowers and one of the greatest influences behind our simple style. On paper, Geelong was the perfect community to support a flower delivery service, in reality, it was better than perfect!

Flower Child has been delivering little posies to the people of Geelong, Torquay & Ocean Grove now for five years! Every morning, we step over bikes, skateboards & little people to design and create perfect little posies in our home workshop. In the afternoon, we jump into the posy mobile and get the smiles you send, as we hand deliver your posy to the friend who is a year wiser, the tired mum, the caring neighbour, the recovering workmate or the bestie ‘just cause’. We LOVE what we do, and are thankful everyday that you give us the opportunity to do it.

Kendall, Nate & Nala x